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LAOH works with local hospitals and clinics providing them with essential medical supplies in order to provide more accessible healthcare to the community. Our organization works to cover the costs of operations and medical treatment as many people cannot afford it. We believe that no one should have their health at risk due to healthcare disparities. 

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Every month, each family sponsored by LAOH receives a care kit including food essentials that provide sufficient nutritional value for each child of the family. We also reach out to neighboring communities and provide them with foodstuffs. Nutrition is important in child development, and no child gets left behind. 

Each year, LAOH sponsors 100 kids, covering the costs for their school tuition as well as uniforms. We provide them with all the necessary materials such as backpacks, pencils, pens, and notebooks. Education is a major step in helping Haiti as a country. The kids are the future, and their education is key for the development of their community.

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In 2016, following Category 5 Hurricane Matthew that devastated southwestern Haiti leaving many people without shelter, LAOH funded and coordinated the construction of multiple homes in Camp-Perrin that provided more than 150 children and their families with shelter.  Our mission is to continue to provide stable housing for families in the community. We continue to provide families with clothing, shoes, food, medical supplies, and hygiene products such as soap, deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, feminine pads and more. 

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There is a constant need for help in Haiti. With your help we can reach more people and continue with our mission of building a better future for the people of Haiti. Below you will find means of sending monetary donations as well as other essential items. LAOH thanks you for your support.

For monetary donations please send to:


For essential item donations such as:
-non-perishable foods
-hygiene products
-medical supplies
Please contact for drop-off times and locations.

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Contact us:


           Phone: 301-651-9333

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